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Each Transformational Shift Module contains ideas to help motivate you and support your health coaching process.

General help with goals setting, measuring progress, and learning how to coach yourself towards self-directed neuroplasticity [healthy nervous system] and healing.

Each Transformational Shift Module contains energetic downloads & energy medicine frequencies to support your healing work with Matrix Energetics practitioners.

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How to Build an Idea Farm
“We recognize that ideas are driving the economy, ideas are making people rich, and most important ideas are changing the world. An idea that just sits there is worthless.” Seth Godin, The Ideavirus

Each Transformational Shift Module is packed with ideas to increase your health & wellness and perhaps change the world.

Who will
Accelerate Your Results

Try Health Coaching

We start from the premise that ……. You are whole and capable of achieving the quality of life you want. Our health coaches are here to support your process.

Listening for what you want in your life, your goals, your dreams, your intuitive sense, we enhance your inherent potential.

We ask questions with our voices, with our minds, with our hands (manual therapy), eliciting the information you need to achieve whatever you want.

Here for you as long as you want us to listen, ask questions, hold space for change and hold you accountable for the changes you have committed to make, we want you have the life you desire.

We help you access your subconscious mind to create the lyrics to a new song, a new feeling of your life, a safisfying physical and emotional [mind – body] experience.

Intuition Fitness Center

Harnessing your conscious mind is like pulling out the change in your pocket. Harnessing your subconscious mind is like accessing the global economy. David Rock, Your Brain at Work

What Do You Want today?

Thought on Manual Therapy

All healing is self-healing.

Our bodies have the ability and resources to heal and excel. The support of skilled manual therapists can speed up the healing process, make it easier to achieve higher levels of potential.

We see the impossible happen on a regular basis. We know what is possible. We can help you achieve your potential and perhaps see and reach a much greater potential than you currently think is possible. [Integrative Manual Therapy Brochure]

What can we do for you today?

Eat Your Way to Better Health
We think of increasing wellness through nutrition as having 5 parts.
1. What is in your diet that you should take out? (ie) excessive amounts of processed sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, citric acid, pesticides…..
2. What allergens are in your diet? (ie) Gluten, Dairy, Peanuts, Almonds, …..
3. What foods or drinks should you add to your current diet? (ie) green leafy vegetables, organic products, green tea, sufficient water, protein, good fats, cashews (iron)….
4. What supplements would be beneficial and accelerate your results? Vitamin B Complex, Boswellia, Catalyn, Fish oils, …..
5. What Homeopathics or Bach Flower Essences would increase your overall health and wellness? (ie) Traumeel, BHI Eye, Resuce Remedy

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Detoxification Questions for You
1. Are you drinking enough water or green tea?
2. Have you eliminated things that are toxic to you?
3. Does your diet support your detoxification goals?
4. Are there enough nutrients in your diet to support healthy rebuilding of injured tissues?
5. Is sweating (Infra-red Sauna, Biomat, exercise, meditation) be beneficial to increase your healthy elimination process ?
6. Should you use supplements to detoxify?

Start feeling better now.

Thoughts on Matrix Energetics

Regardless of your current diagnosis or signs and symptoms, we help you find relief, increased function, laughter and joy in life with Matrix Energetics concepts.

We can also support your self-care process and facilitate your ability to heal yourself. All healing is self healing. We assist your body and entire being to heal itself.

Be like a five year old realizing the lose of the upper hand in a game…… Change the Rules….. Change the Games.

Change Now Audio from Richard Bartlett, Developer of Matrix Energetic.

Envelop Yourself in the Positive Morphic Field of Change, Healing, Health and Wellness Today with a consultation, a Transformational Shift Module, an Energetic Download…

Take Care of Yourself Today.

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